Yangyang Cheng

Yangyang Cheng

Yangyang is a postdoctoral research associate with Cornell University’s Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based ScienceS and Education (CLASSE). Born and raised in China, she received her Bachelor’s degree in physics at the University of Science and Technology of China, and her PhD at the University of Chicago working on the ATLAS Experiment. She crossed the LHC ring in January 2016 to join the CMS Experiment, where her current research focuses on R&D for the Pixel Tracker upgrade for High-Luminosity LHC, and searches for dark matter in novel final states. In both areas, she collaborates closely with engineers as well as theorists to explore new frontiers of particle physics.

An experienced public speaker and self-acknowledged political junkie, she is a passionate advocate for public and political support for science, and scientist participation and scientific thinking in the policy arena. You can find her blog at https://medium.com/@Yangyang_Cheng.

Info in brief

Voice for: October 2016

From: Cornell University

Interested in: Dark matter, R&D for upgrades, politics

Personal Twitter: @yangyang_cheng


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