James Keaveney

James Keaveney

James is a post-doctoral researcher at DESY in Hamburg, Germany. Originally from Mayo, Ireland, his adventures in particle physics began as a participant in the 2007 Summer Student programme at CERN, where he worked on the construction of the ATLAS tile calorimeter. He then embarked on a PhD programme at University College Dublin producing the first ever measurement of the cross-section of Z-boson production at LHCb. James then moved to Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium, becoming a Pegasus Marie-Curie fellow and joining the CMS experiment.

His work in CMS is focused on probing the Standard Model and theories of new physics by searching for events containing four top quarks. In addition, he leads the CMS group that performs precise measurement of top-quark pair production. In January 2016, he took a postdoctoral position to work on the development of cutting-edge technologies for the design and assembly of the upgraded CMS Tracker. He has also been active in the phenomenological reinterpretation of LHC results in order to probe theories of new physics. James believes outreach is very important to science and has participated in numerous panel discussions, television and radio interviews, and invited talks over the past few years.

Info in brief

Voice for: July 2016

From: DESY

Interested in: Top-quark physics, detector development, phenomenology, new physics

Personal Twitter: @shmeaux


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