David Morse

David Morse

David is a post-doctoral physics researcher with Northeastern University in Boston. Originally from the US, David has been based at CERN since 2010 when he was finishing his PhD from the University of Notre Dame. David has been working on CMS since 2008, involved in searches for new physics in supersymmetry and for exotic signatures, in detector upgrade and operations, and in physics outreach. He is currently involved in searches for leptoquarks and di-Higgs signatures, and is the deputy technical coordinator for the CMS Cathode Strip Tubes (CSC) sub-detector.

Outside of work, David spends much of his time travelling with his wife in search of new wines or SCUBA sites, or in the Alps near Geneva, skiing and practicing photography.

Info in brief

Voice for: August 2017

From: Northeastern University, Boston

Interested in: Supersymmetry, muon detectors, skiing, photography

Personal Twitter: @davidmmorse


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