Bjoern Penning

Bjoern Penning

Bjoern is a research fellow at Imperial College London and will soon be a lecturer at the University of Bristol. After his PhD at the University of Freiburg on the D0 experiment, he worked with the University of Chicago and Fermilab on ATLAS. Then he joined CMS and Imperial College London.

Bjoern’s research focuses on dark-matter searches at colliders and on how to combine these with other dark-matter detection methods. Besides working on CMS data analysis, he performs phenomenological research on new dark-matter models, contributes to the CMS triggering system/upgrade and enjoys working with students and doing outreach.

Info in brief

Voice for: August 2016

From: Imperial College London

Interested in: Dark matter, phenomenology, trigger, education, outreach

Personal Twitter: @BjoernPenning


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