André David

André David

André is Portuguese and used the CERN hostel for the first time in the year 2000 just before he decided to embark on a PhD in the NA60 fixed-target experiment. In 2006, André joined CMS where he led the commissioning of the ECAL. Since 2010 that André was heavily involved in the search for - and later observation of - the Higgs boson in the di-photon decay channel. André’s interests also include outreach and the usefulness of CERN for non-particle physicists in general. That is why he is a CERN official guide since 2004 and was involved with the CLOUD experiment for six years.

Info in brief

Voice for: December 2015

From: CERN

Interested in: The Higgs boson, outreach

Personal Twitter: @DrAndreDavid


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