Alexander Morton

Alexander Morton

Alexander is a Doctoral Candidate in Nuclear and Particle Physics at Brunel University London. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, he received a Master in Science degree in Physics at Imperial College London.

During his undergraduate years he became involved with a proposed Tracking Trigger upgrade for the CMS detector as part of his Masters’ project. This work has continued into his PhD years in addition to working on searches for rare processes involving a single top quark (the heaviest fundamental particle known). Alexander also contributes to CMS by undertaking a number of on-call, online and offline shifts and writing part of the DQM/Validation software for the Phase I Pixel detector.

Outside of academic life, Alexander has continued to enjoy singing with the Imperial College Choir (sitting as a committee member during 2013-2014), indulged in being a self-confessed political junkie and travelling (where possible by train, especially if it is steam-hauled).

Info in brief

Voice for: May 2017

From: Brunel University London

Interested in: Top Physics, Tracking Detectors, Trigger, R&D Upgrades, STEM Outreach, UK/EU politics and Steam Trains

Personal Twitter: @DocMorts


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