Sergei Gleyzer

Sergei Gleyzer

Sergei is a researcher at the University of Florida. He first joined CMS in 2005 as a graduate student working on searches for dark matter and again as a post-doc. Sergei is the founder of the Inter-experimental LHC Machine Learning working group and a co-convener of the CMS Machine Learning forum. Sergei’s research is focused on searches for new physics (in particular for dark matter) and using machine learning to improve CMS detector capabilities.

As the founder of project CODER (CMS Open Data EnviRonment), Sergei is very interested in outreach, open data and the involvement of high-school teachers and students in data analysis.

Info in brief

Voice for: November 2017

From: University of Florida

Interested in: Upgrades, machine learning, new physics, Higgs, outreach, trigger, computing

Personal Twitter: @SergeiGleyzer


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